Packing List: A Weekend in Boston

Outfit Details:

White Wide Leg Crop Pants | Striped Shirt | Black Loafers | Leather Backpack

Happy Friday! I’m headed up to Boston early tomorrow morning. I’m taking the train up for a good friend’s bridal shower and coming back Sunday night. It’s been awhile since I took a trip away for only one night. I want to say it makes packing easier but it still has its challenges.

Because it’s for one night, I’m traveling with only a backpack. I want to travel as light as possible. My plan is to wear one outfit Saturday and not change at all. So, it needs to be ready for travel, daytime activities, and easily transitional to night. Sunday is easy since it’s the bridal shower. I will wear whatever I wear to the event on my train home as well.

Versatility for this weekend is key in order to pack light!

I figured some of you might also take short trips this fall and be looking for outfit ideas for light packing. So, today I’m sharing my packing list for Boston to help you all plan and pack light for short, fall weekends away. 

Madewell leather backpack, Everlane white wide leg crop pants

My Packing List for Boston



I plan on wearing my outfit on the train that I’m going to wear all day Saturday. I’ve chosen this combination to be perfect for all my activities planned for Saturday. This includes walking around Boston, visiting a few friends, dinner in the evening, then drinks at a bar at night. I’m bringing one extra pair of pants in case these white ones don’t work out. Plus, a denim jacket in case the weather is cool.


Sunday activities include a blow out at Dry Bar, then the bridal shower, and finally a train ride home. I also plan on wearing the same outfit for the entire day. I decided on a burgundy dress similar to the one linked below paired with comfortable tights to keep warm. Then, my favorite pair of black flats to finish this outfit.

I’ve successfully packed for my weekend in Boston in one backpack! It’s so freeing to be able to travel so light. I hope sharing my packing list for Boston is helpful to you too.

Do you have any packing light tips to share? Let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new tricks.

Madewell leather backpack

Adventures in San Francisco

Outfit Details: Jacket | Jeans | Top | Shoes | Purse | Bandana

Last month I visited San Francisco for the first time. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was expecting but it was way more amazing than I ever could have thought. The most surprising thing to me was the weather in July. When I was packing I did a lot of searching for San Francisco outfits. I decided to bring a mix of shorts and pants to be safe.

It ended up being cool everyday and I only wore shorts once. All of my San Francisco outfits ended up being a combination of jeans and a denim jacket.

One of my favorite activities was visiting the Muir Woods just north of the city. I had always dreamed of seeing and visiting the California redwoods and finally achieved that dream. The forest was absolutely stunning and magical. I highly recommend it as an activity if you’re looking for things to do.

As far as outfits are concerned, below is one of my San Francisco outfits. This denim jacket really came in handy and was the perfect amount of warmth and layers for the unpredictable weather.

San Francisco Outfits

San Francisco Outfits - Exploring Simple

Outfit Details

Packing List: San Francisco

San Francisco Packing List

Recently, I took a trip to San Francisco for the first time. I had an amazing time with friends and family exploring all that San Francisco has to offer. One thing I was very unaware of before visiting was the weather. I wasn’t sure what exactly to include in my San Francisco packing list during the month of July.

What I found is that the weather in San Francisco is amazing and much cooler than the weather here in New York City. Similar to what I found when visiting Cape Cod at the beginning of the summer. Everyday averaged about 70 degrees during the day and dipped into the 60’s at night.

For daytime, bring a comfortable pair of shoes for walking around and going up all the hills. I wore Birkenstocks the entire time and didn’t have any problems. For days I didn’t feel like wearing sandals, I wore my Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Make sure to pack a pair of Jeans which are perfect for cooler days and to wear at night. You can bring shorts but also pack a sweater or jean jacket to wear with them. On foggier days, I found myself wearing both jeans and a jacket.

My number one tip for a San Francisco packing list: bring lots of layers!

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Cape Cod Packing List

This past weekend I traveled to Cape Cod with my fiancé and friends. We stayed Thursday night through Sunday morning for a total of two full days and two nights on the Cape. This was my first time visiting and it was absolutely beautiful.

I’ve been traveling a lot this summer while wearing a summer capsule wardrobe. Packing for trips has been so much easier with less to choose from. However, the beach was a bit trickier since my capsule doesn’t really include much beach wear. Today i’m sharing some photos from my trip as well as what I packed and wore for the long weekend with a capsule wardrobe.

Cape Cod Packing List


I’m used to southern beaches. Where it gets so hot sitting in the sand that you have to go in the water to stay cool. Cape Cod was the opposite of this experience. It was actually pretty chilly on the beach (which is so much better in my opinion). I’m glad I brought a loose fitting long sleeve linen shirt. It was perfect to pull on and off whenever I wanted warmth or relief from the sun.


Friday during the day was cloudy so we decided to drive up to Provincetown and walk around. A comfortable pair of sandals, shorts, and simple tank top did the trick for a day in town.


Friday night I ended up wearing what I wore during the day. Saturday was very casual as well with a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and simple shoes. I added a denim jacket every night since the evenings do cool down quite a bit. I definitely recommend bringing a jacket and one pair of pants (I forgot pants) for cooler evenings.


That does it for my Cape Cod packing list! What are your packing list must-haves for a weekend at the beach?