Simple Outfit Ideas for the Holidays

Happy week of Thanksgiving! I traveled home for the holiday over the weekend. Luckily, my family and my Fiancés family both live around D.C. which makes sharing the holidays pretty easy. Since I’ll be home for the whole week, I spent last week brainstorming simple holiday outfit ideas. So today, I’m sharing two of the simple holiday outfit ideas I’ll be wearing for travel and events this holiday season to hopefully give you all inspiration for your holiday outfits.

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A Timeless Dress for Holiday Events

Finding the perfect dress for holiday events can seem like such a challenge. I’m always looking for something not too fancy yet not too casual either. When looking for a holiday dress, I want something I can wear throughout the year for other evening occasions that might occur. So, today I’m sharing a black satin dress that checks all those boxes.

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3 Ways to Wear a Plaid Blazer: Part 3

A few weeks ago I started another “3 Ways to Wear” post series featuring a plaid blazer for plaid blazer outfit inspiration. The fall 10×10 challenge started and I wasn’t able to complete the series until today. The first two ways incorporated blue jeans with a t-shirt and black jeans with a simple sweater. Today’s way captures a different part of the wardrobe: the black dress.

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Fall 10×10 Challenge: Day 10

Outfit Details

Cream Sweater (similar) | Everlane Straight Leg Pants | Sam Edelman Loafers | Belt

Happy Halloween and last day of the 10×10 challenge! Ten days, ten items, and ten outfits are officially completed as of today. I’m ready to get back to my full wardrobe but so glad I participated in the fall 10×10 challenge. I’ll be sharing a 10×10 wrap up challenge on Friday to share all ten outfits I wore plus thoughts and learnings from this 10×10 challenge.

One of the best parts of participating is getting to reflect on what you wore during the ten days after the challenge is over. It’s a really great way to find new ideas for an old clothing item. Or even build up new style ideas for the other clothes in your closet you weren’t able to wear. It’s a great way to reset your closet expectations and find more contentment with what you already own. I definitely feel refreshed but will share more about that later this week!

Also, I’m not wearing a costume today for Halloween so fortunately don’t have to skip the last day of the challenge!

Outfit Details: Cream Sweater (similar) | Everlane Straight Leg Pants | Sam Edelman Loafers | Belt

Fall 10×10 Challenge Outfit 10

My last outfit of the challenge consists of my green Everlane trousers, cream sweater, and red loafers. The green in the pants isn’t an overly saturated green so the red pairs well. I’m not a huge fan of wearing red and green together but this green is more of a neutral so it works for me. When I went to the Everlane Soho store to pick out these work pants, I had the hardest time choosing between red and green. I ultimately ended up with green because I knew it would be more of a neutral in my closet and probably match with more. 

The red color in these pants is really beautiful, and I do ultimately want to add them to my wardrobe. I will with time but I’m glad I went with a color I can already wear with almost anything in my closet.

I’m curious to hear from you all! Do you ever have a really hard time choosing between two colors? How to do you decide on one when that happens? Let me know in the comments below!

Outfit Details: Cream Sweater (similar) | Everlane Straight Leg Pants | Sam Edelman Loafers | Belt

Outfit Details: Cream Sweater (similar) | Everlane Straight Leg Pants | Sam Edelman Loafers | Belt