Ethical Brand Highlight: Tradlands

I took a little bit of a break from posting on here during the holidays and now I’m excited to be back! My original intention was not to be gone for quite so long. However, last week at work and getting settled back in the city ended up being way busier than I thought.

Now on to today’s feature!

Today I’m super excited to share with you all another ethical brand you may or may not know about. In my journey of ethical fashion, I’ve been finding new ethical brands I love along the way. So, my goal is to share with you all the ones I find to aid in your journey as well.


Today’s brand I’m sharing is a clothing company called Tradlands. They focus on ethically and sustainably made menswear inspired women’s basics. You can learn more about how they create their clothes ethically and use sustainable methods in their manufacturing and business practices here.

What originally caught my attention were their beautifully made women’s button downs. If I had to choose a favorite type of top, it would absolutely be a button down top. They’re simple, classic, and so comfortable. Tradlands’ button downs are what I always wished I could have but could never find in stores.

They come in pretty much every color I’ve ever wanted. Pink, gingham, blues, and crisp whites. It’s an ethical one stop shop for any button down you need. They also come in every sleeve length you could want. I personally love short sleeve oxfords but they’re so hard to find. So, I was very very excited when I saw they sell short sleeves as well.

Their product though is not just limited to oxfords. They also sell:

  • Sweaters
  • Trousers
  • Tees
  • Henleys
  • Flannels
  • Accessories

Fit Review

It’s always difficult to tell how the fabric will feel and drape when shopping online. Especially when it comes to button downs. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on this Tradlands top for the first time.

The fabric is very light weight and has a nice stiffness to it. It’s light weight but not flimsy. As far as size, I’m wearing a size small here. It is as bit on the big size. I could have gone with an extra-small, but I like the more loose fitting look as well. I’d say it does run large so if you’re in between sizes, size down.

To wrap up, I highly recommend checking out Tradlands. Especially if you’re searching for ethically made women’s basics with a nice menswear inspired touch!

Other amazing tops to check out:

White Button Down || $159

Blue and White Gingham Top || $79

Pink Linen Shirt || $69

Striped Short Sleeve Button Down || $69

Short Sleeve Gingham Top || $69

Sleeveless White Button Down || $79


Outfit Details

Tradlands Top || Everlane Jeans

Madewell Oxfords

Ethical Brand Starter Guide

Ethical Brand Starter Guide
A full list to minimal, classic, and simple ethical brands to shop now.

If you’ve landed on this post I think it’s safe to assume you’re looking to make the switch to ethical fashion or you’re already an ethical shopper and are looking to expand the brands you shop with. Or maybe you’re just curious about the ethical fashion space. Either way, you’re probably trying to answer this question:

Where can I shop for ethical clothing?

Today I’m here to help you answer that question with my ethical brand starter guide! Or at least share the brands I’ve found and love. I always struggled at first to find ethical brands that meet my aesthetic. Not to mention, I had no idea where to even start a year ago when I knew nothing about ethical brands. It can really be a challenge to fine new ethical brands to shop for when you’re looking to add a piece of clothing to your wardrobe.

So, to make it easier, I’m sharing  a complete list of brands I’ve discovered in my journey to ethical and responsible fashion over the past year.

A Full List of Ethical Brands

This ethical brand starter guide links to brands whose styles range from minimal to classic style. I’ve found all of these while researching places to shop more responsibly over the past year. I’ve decided to break them up by category of clothing for easy shopping.

The brands on this list meet at least one of these requirements:

  • Transparency in the creation and production process
  • Organically sourced materials
  • Locally and handmade products
  • Reused clothing

Ethical Brands Starter Guide by Category

Minimal and Wardrobe basics

All Linen

Classic Fashion

Online Vintage Stores



Some of my favorites from these brands

There you have it! My ethical brand starter guide. I’m sure I’ll have more brands to list in this post as I explore more in the ethical fashion space. There are so many brands with beautiful and well made clothing. It’s so much fun to explore them and feel inspired by how unique each and everyone is. I hope this helps to guide you all as you shop more ethically and responsibly.

Are there any brands I missed that you love to shop? I’d love to hear from you all in the comments!

By the way, the outfit I’m wearing above is completely ethical. You can see more about it here.