Exploring Simple – A resource for slow fashion that’s simple and classic. A place for outfit inspiration that’s simple and effortless, and a place to discover ethical brands and new outfit ideas.

I created Exploring simple in June of 2018. At the time, I had recently discovered the idea of slow, ethical fashion. I’d been documenting my outfits prior to starting this blog as a fashion outlet outside from my analytics day job. When I started exploring the idea of slow fashion, I was feeling overwhelmed. Like I had nothing to wear but at the same time wasting my money on clothes that either didn’t like that much or were made of poor quality. It was this never ended feeling of keeping up and fashion wasn’t fun anymore.

That’s when I started thinking why can’t my wardrobe be a constant place of things I love and re-wear? Why was I buying things I didn’t even like? That’s when Exploring Simple was born. I started with a simple summer capsule wardrobe. With the goal to not buy anything from June to August. It ended up being the most fun I had style wise in awhile. I felt like I was discovering my true personal style.

So to answer the question simple “What is Exploring Simple?”, it’s a resource for women looking to create a closet they love. It’s a place to:

  • find simplified, effortless outfit ideas
  • inspire ways to create new outfits with wardrobe basics you already own
  • discover ethical brands
  • explore ideas for slowing down and finding your personal style

My goal is to simplify getting ready everyday with a classic, whimsical touch. I hope you find inspiration here as I have.


For inquiries, collaborations, and general questions please reach out!