Pre-Spring Outfit

I’m writing this as I just woke up in Hong Kong. It’s six in the morning here and about five p.m. back on the East Coast. We arrived around six local time on Tuesday and by the time we made it to the hotel we decided to go to call it a night. The flight was a non-stop 16 hour direct from JFK to Hong Kong so we didn’t sleep at all.

I’m now antsy to explore.

The weather here is warm. Warm and humid. My general spirit to do things as well as be creative in a fashion sense is always lifted in warmer weather. There’s also the expected excitement of waking up across the world with a window looking out on a brand new city. Needless to say, either from sleeping in an actual bed or from everything around me, I’m feeling pretty refreshed.

The outfit I took for today’s post is one I’ve started wearing at home quite often as of late. The weather is still cold but I am oh so ready for those first spring days. So how do you start to dress for a season you’re ready for but isn’t quite here yet?

What I do is I start to dress lighter in every sense. Lighter materials, lighter clothes. Things that feel less bulky. Like this white popover blouse. It has a light spring air about it but layer with a sweater, paired with jeans, and finished with sleek flats, it’s refreshing but still cold appropriate.

I like to try to stay in the current season. Although, I always reach a point where I’m ready to dress ahead.

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Outfit Details

White Blouse || Everlane Cheeky Jeans || Everlane Day Glove Flats

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