One Handbag, A Week of Outfits

If you’re following me on Instagram, then you’ve seen my daily outfit posts featuring my new classic and vintage inspired bag from Beara Beara. I also mentioned after sharing a week of outfits there’d be a fun ending!

Now we’re at the end of the week, today I’m hosting a giveaway with Beara Beara. One winner will receive a purse of their own from Beara Beara.

How to Enter

Head over to my Instagram post and tag two friends in the comments as well as follow myself and Beara Beara. The winner will be announced on my Instagram page on Sunday evening. So make sure to check back then!

Now let’s talk about styling the same purse for a week. Especially one that is so unique and classic.

A Week of Outfits Styling a Vintage Inspired Purse

Wearing the same purse everyday is very doable. Accessories are much easier to repeat than say a top or a pair of pants. Plus, I usually wear the same backpack or tote to work during the week anyways. Usually something large and practical.

I really want to start carrying smaller and more stylish purses to work though. Most of the things I put in my bag I don’t even need. I lug all these extra things around for no real reason.

So it was nice using this bag everyday since it made me only bring what I needed. I liked having something nice that also complimented my outfit in a really stylish way. I love the vintage touch it adds to my more subtly classic clothing. It brings them closer to a vintage feel as opposed to a more modern look.

The size is perfect for a notebook, phone, snacks, and my bag of extras I like to carry around (lipstick, mirror, Advil, etc.). They also have smaller sizes as well as quite a few beautiful, leather backpacks depending on what style you prefer. 

So, here is a roundup of all the outfits I wore this past week!


T-Shirt || Everlane Jeans || Loafers (similar) || Bag


T-Shirt || Everlane Straight Leg Pants || Socks || Oxford Shoes || Bag


Tradlands Button Down c/o || Everlane Wide Leg Pants || Everlane Day Glove || Bag


L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater || Everlane Cheeky Jeans || Lotta from Stockholm Clogs || Bag


Black T-Shirt || Trousers (similar) || Black Everlane Day Glove || Bag


notPerfectLinen Dress c/o || Everlane Day Glove || Bag

All Outfit Details

Styling this purse for a week was so much fun. It’s really unlike any handbag I’ve ever owned and it’s the exact style I’ve always wanted to add.

I’m curious to hear from your all, what’s your favorite outfit from this week?

Thank you to Beara Beara for sponsoring this post.

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