1 Everyday Outfit, Only 3 Items

What more could we all want than an easy outfit you can throw on in the morning and feel chic all day. Maybe that doesn’t speak for everyone, but I’m going to assume at least most weekdays, we’d all like a go-to outfit formula that requires little thought. One that’s not only effortlessly chic but comfortable and versatile as well. Well, the tshirt and jeans combination is just that.

Well, this is completely possible. That is if you’re okay with keeping it really simple. I don’t have the formula for every single mood or wardrobe but I do have a casual one that has been working for me. One I resort to on most work days when I just want something easy.

As far as my weekly outfit moods go, there are definitely days I like to dress up and have fun with putting together a fun look. But, there are also quite a few busy days where I just want to throw something on, look cute, and go about my day. Monday’s especially.

So, what’s this easy outfit I speak of?

1 Everyday Outfit, Only 3 Items

Outfit Formula: T-Shirt, Jeans, & Flats

All you need to create this super simple look is:

  • A t-shirt you feel comfortable in. I say this because I have a hard time finding a t-shirt I think looks good on me. There are quite a few I put on and feel frumpy all day. I recently discovered the Everlane t-shirt featured in this post and love the way it looks on me.
  • Jeans that fit just the way you want. High waisted, skinny, wide leg, what cut you prefer. Similar to your shirt, it needs to be a pair you feel great in. I prefer high waisted because I think they look more flattering on me and ad a bit more to just a t-shirt. But, it’s whatever makes you feel great!
  • A pair of flats. I love my Everlane day glove flats because they go with everything. They’re also extremely comfortable. A pair of classic ballet flats or even something more funky looks great with this look. This is the part where you can add some color, pattern, or texture to this very simple look.

There you have it! A tshirt and jeans combination formula for an everyday outfit you can always wear that you know you’ll be comfortable, chic, and effortless.

Outfit Details

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