New Orleans Minimal Packing List

I recently traveled to New Orleans for my bachelorette party. A few close friends and I went over the long weekend in January for a winter getaway down south. I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I would share my packing list and today I’m finally sharing what I brought!

I’m very excited to share with you all my New Orleans minimal packing list today. I felt pretty happy with what I ended up bringing.

As like all travel I do, I hate over packing. I like to pack as little as possible and fit everything in one carry on. I hate checking bags but also like to mostly have what I’m going to wear planned out.

This trip was super tough because the weather was forecasted to be all over the place. Hot and sunny on Friday to cool and rainy on Saturday.  I also had to bring outfits for daytime brunch, daytime activities, as well as going out outfits for night. Keeping it minimal was certainly a challenge but it worked out pretty well.

So, enough backstory, here’s my New Orleans minimal packing list!

New Orleans Minimal Packing List

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White popover shirt || I wore this top on the plane ride there and back. It was the perfect travel top paired with my wool coat for cool weather on the plane and in NYC. It also worked well for daytime activities.

Blue Tradlands oxford || This top was my Saturday brunch top. Paired with my Everlane cheeky jeans, it was comfortable and casual for brunch after Friday night out.

Black tank top || I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a pair of black jeans and a black tank top as a going out outfit.

White t-shirt || I wore my white t-shirt during the day Sunday and wandering around New Orleans. Paired it with my jeans and purple suede jacket for an easy outfit.


Everlane cheeky jeans || These are my favorite jeans I own. Both comfortable and versatile.

Black skinny jeans || I brought these for going out most nights.


Purple suede jacket || A lighter jacket for New Orleans weather. Was also a fun addition to daytime and nighttime outfits.

Yellow raincoat || In case it rains which, we got super lucky and it never rained.

Grey wool coat || I brought my heavier jacket for NYC weather. So happy I did. Upon returning to the city, it was 6 degrees.


Nude block heels || Brought something fun and fancy for going out.

Everlane day glove flats || I wore these during the day to brunch and walking around.

Black ankle boots || Also brought along for nighttime activities.

Converse high tops || The perfect casual shoe for the plane and walking around the French Quarter.


White minimal dress || I hate buying clothes just for trips. However, one of the nights I needed to wear a white dress and I knew I would wear this one again for activities around NYC.

Black and white gingham dress (similar) || The weather was so warm on Friday that I was able to wear a short sleeve dress with no coat.

Travel Outfit

To share one look that I wore, I wore this outfit on the plane there and back. Plus, I styled these pieces a few different ways during the day over the long weekend I was there.

There you have it! My New Orleans minimal packing list. I might have made couple changes but overall, I was really happy with what I brought. The weather ended up being warm for the first two days and cold the other two. Bringing heavy and light jacket options was definitely key.

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