How to Wear Winter Whites Right Now

The winter weather is back here in NYC after a week of moderate temps. It’s always nice to have a little break from the freezing cold. A chance to wear lighter tops and shoes that aren’t boots. I hate to rush the seasons though and try to soak up wearing my cold weather clothing while I can.

Which, doesn’t mean we can’t just style our clothing a bit different as spring gets closer and closer. One of the ways you can do this is by starting to switch into lighter colors like whites and creams.

Wearing winter whites right now is a simple way to freshen up your warm, winter outfits. So how do you wear them without looking too summery and staying with the current season?

This outfit is a great example of how to wear winter whites right now. The key is to wear a blend of neutrals and not all crisp white. But we will talk about that more below!

How to Wear Winter White Right Now

Start with White or Cream Pants

Your white pants are an easy place to start. There really is no such thing as white pants specific to any season. I honestly think the top hold more weight with determining the season of your outfit. So throw on a pair of white jeans, work pants, or wide leg pants first.

Add a White or Cream Sweater

You can really wear any top to start. If you’re winter white is based on a top instead of a sweater, add a lightweight white turtleneck or long sleeve top. Add a sweater on top and make sure if your pants are white, your sweater/top is cream. And vice versa.

Winter whites work best with a blend of neutrals and not all bright white. The blend of colors together gives it a more natural look as if you just threw on some neutral basics. For me at least, crisp white pants and a crisp white top don’t feel as effortless.

Wear Shoes in a Darker Color

Make sure your shoes are cold weather ready and a darker color than your outfit. I went with a dark brown pair of oxfords here to keep this entire outfit mostly neutral. Other shoes I’d wear instead include black flats, brown loafers, and brown boots.

I hope you found this guide helpful! I’m not one to wear winter whites much until spring is near. I love lightening up my clothes once I know warm weather is on the way without getting too ahead of myself and abandoning my favorite sweaters and warm weather items. How do you wear winter whites?

Outfit Details

L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater || Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pant || Madewell Oxfords

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