Honeymoon Packing List

My honeymoon is less than a week away and my wedding is this Saturday! It all felt so far away until this week. On Monday, we take off on a non-stop flight straight to Hong Kong. From there, we travel to Cambodia and end our trip in Thailand. We will be gone for exactly two weeks.

I decided to put a lot more planning and thought into what I’m packing for this trip compared to usual. I’m just very excited about the trip and had a lot more fun trying to decide what to wear for this trip versus short trips I usually take. Plus, I know I’ll be taking tons of photos. The goal was to plan for simple, chic outfits that are also practical for exploring.

I always find it helpful and fun to see what other people bring on their trips. So, today I’m sharing my entire packing list for my honeymoon.

Onto the packing list!

What I’m Packing for 2 Weeks in Hong Kong, Cambodia, & Thailand

Packing List: 2 Weeks in Hong Kong, Cambodia, & Thailand

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Black t-shirt 

Navy t-shirt 

White t-shirt 

Navy tank top

White sleeveless button down

Blue and white stripes


Denim shorts

Black shorts (similar)

Green white gingham skirt


Linen pants (similar)


Linen shirt dress

Black Tradlands dress (sold out)

White midi dress (similar)

Blue and white gingham dress (made by me)


Madewell sandals


New Balance


Denim jacket

L.L. Bean sweater


Black cross body bag

Straw hat


Bathing suit

My packing list includes 20 items in total of clothing. I may add a few extra tank tops for hotter weather. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with this list.

Packing for a two week trip to somewhere I’ve never been before has definitely been a challenge. I want to pack a little less but I think this size ultimately is great. It doesn’t seem like too much and fits all in my carry on. Which, was the goal.

I’m so excited for this trip and am really happy we decided to schedule it for right after the wedding. So much to look forward to and also really happy to get out of the cold for a couple weeks!

I’ll be posting blog posts as usual along with outfits and updates from my trip. Can’t wait!

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