3 Winter Outfits I Wore this Week

I mentioned in Wednesday’s post that my fiancé and I have finally finished planning our honeymoon! Our honeymoon plans include a total of two weeks in Hong Kong, Cambodia, and Thailand. So, now I’m in outfit packing mode trying to figure out how to pack as light as possible. I’m planning on sharing my packing list as well as travel outfits while abroad.

With all these exciting things happening, it’s really hard to focus on everyday things. There’s an overwhelming sensation of having so much left to do. All the little things add up so quickly. No thought, easy, outfits are my everyday reality right now. Especially for work.

Today I’m sharing with you all three of the extremely simple outfits I wore this week to work. All for cold weather and all for quick mornings for getting ready and out the door.

Let’s get started!

3 Winter Outfits I Wore this Week

I have the sensation of shopping a ton lately because there’s so much to buy for the wedding. I’m trying to separate that from my actual clothing shopping habits. So, I decided to purchase this white t-shirt to wear on a weekly basis since I had been thinking about it for awhile. I think it looks simple and great with these jeans and flats. Plus it’s comfortable and super versatile!

Outfit Details

White T-Shirt || Everlane Cheeky Straight Jeans || Everlane Day Glove

Behold my Valentine’s Day work attire. A regular outfit with a pop of red for the holiday. I have a love hate relationship with this top. I loved wearing this outfit all day, but I always go back and forth about keeping this shirt. It’s comfortable but sometimes looks to big. My main hesitation for getting rid of it is that I’d end up buying something similar anyways. I’ll keep deciding for now.

Outfit Details

White Oxford || Everlane Straight Leg Jeans || Black Loafers (similar)

Outfit Details Striped Shirt || Everlane Cheeky Straight Jeans || Madewell Oxfords

Today’s outfit! It’s warm enough that my ankles aren’t cold in these cropped jeans and oxfords. It always feels so refreshing those first days at the end of winter where multiple layers can be shred and a simple outfit can be worn. This outfit is my favorite of the week I’ve decided.

Outfit Details

Striped Shirt || Everlane Cheeky Straight Jeans || Madewell Oxfords


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  • Hi! I’m sorry if you’ve answered this before but for reference, how tall are you? I frequently buy from Everlane but as someone who is only 4’11”, even their ankle lengths are too long. For instance, do you typically have to hem your denim?