My 10 Winter Wardrobe Staples

I’m finally back to writing and it feels good! I haven’t been able to put as much thought and effort as I’d like on here lately. My wedding date is fast approaching and along with a full time job, it’s been challenging to keep up. Now things have slowed down so I’m hoping to get back to posting three times a week.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my perfect closet and what’s essential for me. So, I wanted to share with you all my winter wardrobe staples. These are the items I wear frequently together. It’s basically my core winter wardrobe at the moment.

A simple way to start planning a set, seasonal wardrobe is to assess what you have and what you wear a lot. I went through my closet and put aside the things I wear often and established these as my staples.

There was definitely a common theme among them. Effortless, easy to layer, and versatile. These are the basis of my winter wardrobe that I wear the most that make getting dressed in the morning easy and stylish.

So, here are my top 10 winter wardrobe staples for a simple closet.

10 Simple Winter Wardrobe Staples

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Black and white tissue turtlenecks || My black and white turtlenecks are worn every single week. They’re perfect for layering, work outfits, and even nighttime events.

Cable knit sweater || I received this L.L. Bean sweater as a Christmas gift and have been wearing it so much. It’s perfectly classic for winter layering.

Striped shirt || A striped shirt is a must for any season. Either a long sleeve one or something thinner like the one I’m wearing in this post. They’re easy to layer and add some nice pattern to winter outfits.


Dark wash cigarette jeans || On extra cold days, dark wash cigarette jeans are a go-to. My mind goes straight to comfort on really cold days and these make for an easy outfit that still looks chic.

Wide leg pants || The Everlane wide leg pants are a personal favorite. They’re a nice, chic addition to a simple wardrobe.

Opaque black tights || Wearing pants everyday in the winter gets old. Opaque black tights make wearing skirts and dresses possible. I love to wear these with a linen dress or skirt, my cable knit sweater, and tall leather riding boots.

Linen dress/skirt || I recently discovered the beauty of linen dresses and skirts styled for winter. Linen doesn’t have to be solely a warm weather fabric.


Tall leather boots || I don’t think I could survive winter without my tall leather boots. I bought these about five or six years ago and wear them every winter. It was important to me to find a pair that could be worn for years and years. They’re classic and extremely warm.

Converse high tops || For more casual cold days, Converse high tops are a go-to. They’re comfortable, easy, and pretty warm with a pair of wool socks.

Black Flats || My favorite shoes for simple outfits right now are my Everlane day glove flats in black. They look cute with anything and are so comfortable for work and weekends. 

I think the first step to having a simple, seasonal wardrobe is defining your wardrobe staples. I only shared 10 here but there’s no rule for how many staples you can have. This is a good starter list for a simple closet with a few items that let you create comfortable and chic outfits.

What are your winter wardrobe staples?

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