2019 Closet Goals

Happy New Year! There’s nothing quite as refreshing than the start of a new year. A chance to be a new person. To leave our vices and things we dislike about ourselves in a different year. In a closed chapter. It’s the opportunity to reinvent ourselves with a clean slate.

I’ve thought a lot about what I want to leave behind and what I want 2019 me to focus on. What I want this reinvented version of myself to be like. I want to be healthier, more routine drive, and feel more organized. Organized in my home, closet, activities, and work. So, I decided to not only create New Year’s resolutions as a whole but also create a separate one for my closet. 

Creating Closet Resolutions

When I started this blog back in June of last year it was with the goal to finally create my dream wardrobe. Which, I’ve absolutely progressed. It would be unfair to myself to say I haven’t. I’m now in such a better place than I was when I started. So why do I still feel so unorganized?

I still fall in the purchasing traps. The feeling of need and want for things in my closet that will finally make my wardrobe feel complete. So I spend money on these things. I made a few impulse purchases I wasn’t too proud of, and I still spent more money than I’m comfortable with.

So how do I get there? How do I stop saying to myself “oh just this one thing will make it more perfect”. The answer was to make a list. Make a list of what I do want and what I want to focus on.

So, I sat down and made this list of wardrobe goals for the year. It helped me to really just focus and think about what I care about. It helped me to see my priorities and where I should focus to be happy with the fashion side of my life. These are:

  • Create a curated wardrobe list
  • Stick to a monthly shopping budget
  • Sell things I don’t wear
  • Sew instead of buy

My 2019 Closet Goals to Reach Wardrobe Satisfaction

notPerfectLinen Linen Dress

Create a Curated Wardrobe List

I think what people love about capsule wardrobes is that you plan them, choose them, and then wear what you chose. It takes the pressure to buy out of the picture. Plus, you carefully chose what’s in it so it all works together.

I guess essentially what I want is my entire wardrobe to be a capsule wardrobe. One that covers every season that I’ll add to here and there. I’ll change it slightly from year to year. But my dream would just to have a set of, say, 50 items that flow seamlessly with each other and that I love. The first step? Make a list of all these items, find them, and slowly curate.

Stick to a Monthly Shopping Budget

I haven’t been great about this one in the past. I’ll go one or two months without shopping and then buy without budgeting the following month. One of the downfalls of shopping fasts. Instead, I want a strict budget. Say $100 a month. I believe this will help me stay focused and only spend on things I really care about.

Sell Things I Don’t Wear

A great way to replace items in your closet you don’t really care about? Sell them! I’m so bad about getting rid of things I don’t wear. I create arbitrary sentimental values that result in never worn clothes hanging in my closet taking up space and driving me to feel even more disorganized.

Sew Instead of Buy

There are so many ideas I have for clothes I want to make. Yet I keep putting them off. Granted, I have been out of town for awhile. Coupled with the goal to not really buy anything, sewing is a creative alternative to really creating a dream wardrobe. So, I plan on sewing these ideas into actual clothing. I’ll leave space on my curated wardrobe list for these items.

It feels so refreshing to have goals written down and planned for my closet. I think our clothes can cause a lot of unneeded frustration in our lives. Which, I think a lot of that comes from a lack of planning. So I’ll do just that: plan.

I’d love to hear from you. What are your 2019 closet goals?

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Everlane Cheeky Jeans || GiGi Pip Hat

L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater || Everlane Straight Leg Pants

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notPerfectLinen Dress

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