How I’m Wearing Kitten Heels Casually

I remember a few years ago seeing a pair of kitten heels and saying to myself “I don’t get why anyone would wear kitten heels.” Now, here I am writing a blog post about how to wear kitten heels. I always find it fascinating how personal style and trends change.

I’m not sure when exactly I started to want a pair of kitten heels. I think it was sometime this past year. I ended up buying the ones in these photos to wear for my bridal shower. Which, I then wore them to a black tie wedding. They’ve already become a staple black heel in my wardrobe. That’s always the goal and it’s so great when something you purchase with much thought does works out that way.

Because I don’t want to limit these shoes to solely fancy outfits, I thought they would go really well with a casual work outfit. I love wearing jeans to work so dressing them up with a pair of kitten heels is a good solution.

A Casual Way to Wear Kitten Heels

I styled my kitten heels here in a really easy, versatile, and replicable way. All you need for this outfit is a pair of jeans and a button down. This outfit works because the button down has a dressed up, business aesthetic to it. The jeans then keep it super casual.

Adding a pair of short heels then dresses the denim up. I like the way these Everlane cheeky jeans pair with these heels and a button down. You could also wear a pair of straight leg or more fitted jeans. Instead of a button down, you could wear a silk blouse or romantic top.

Outfit Details

Everlane Heels || J.Crew Plaid Button Down

Everlane Cheeky Jeans


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