Ethical Brand Highlight: notPerfectLinen

Not Perfect Linen

Last week I introduced a new series highlighting ethical brands that I’ve found and love and think you will like too. Today is a new post with a brand that makes beautiful and ethical linen clothing.

I’ve always loved linen made things. They have such a classic and rustic aesthetic to them. They’re relaxed and casual yet look so timelessly put together. I don’t know about you, but I could probably wear linen all the time especially in summer.

Today’s brand I’m talking about is notPerfectLinen. They’re an Etsy shop with an amazing selection of linen made clothing. I discovered them through their Instagram account and fell in love right away. So, today I’m very excited to share with you:

  • An introduction to notPerfectLinen
  • Not Perfect Linen’s oversized linen dress
  • Not Perfect Linen’s 1950’s linen skirt

Responsibly & Ethically Made Linen Clothes

notPerfectLinen is a “family – run brand about ensuring quality, promoting transparency, enforcing sustainable practices and ethical approach.” Clothing ordered through their Etsy shop is usually made once the order is placed. I love that when you order from them there is no mass production.

When I ordered the two items I’m featuring in this post, I worked directly with the family who helped me figure out what size to order as well as taking my measurements to ensure the best possible fit. These are certainly clothes you order with the intention of wearing and having for years to come. They’re truly timeless.

“We are absolutely dedicated to thoughtful creating/making process so we try to avoid programmed machines or other non-human help and try to use as much human input in the whole process as possible in order we could not only provide you with truly handmade item but also hire more seamstress who could honorably earn for a living.”

notPerfectLinen advises that it takes a couple weeks to produce and then a few weeks to ship from their location in Lithuania. This was honestly a shock at first. Which says a lot about how accustomed we are to getting things as fast as possible. I’m used to an Amazon prime mindset but quality production that is thoughtfully curated takes time. I think we tend to forget that.

As for the linen all of the clothing is made from, they use “thoughtfully selected Oeko – tex certified linen fabric from local manufacturers”. notPerfectLinen emphasizes comfort, simplicity, and inclusivity of all sizes.

Oh and as for price, everything is pretty much under $120 usd.

Ways to Style

As a part of highlighting ethical brands, I’ll be sharing items from the brand and some styling inspiration. There are so many beautiful items in their shop it was so hard to choose just two to highlight. I ended up choosing the short sleeve oversized linen dress and the 1950’s linen skirt. Other favorites are the kimono dress, the tunic dress, and the sleeveless top.

The other difficult part? Choosing a color.

Oversized Linen Dress

You can shop this dress here. The color is dark grey.

1950’s Linen Skirt

You can shop the 1950’s skirt here. The color is natural.

Outfit Details

Everlane Black Day Glove Flats || Black Loafers (similar) || Black turtleneck

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  • I just ordered the long sleeve version of this dress in the “ashes of rose” color and I’m SO excited! I thought the hardest part would be choosing a color but it might actually be the waiting. Definitely an adjustment but worth it!

    • Yay that color sounds so pretty! I love this dress. It’s so hard once deciding on a color to wait for it to arrive but it is so worth it. So excited for you!