Ethical Brand Highlight: Barrow Watches

I’ve decided to start a new series here that I’m really excited about. This series will focus on highlighting and sharing ethical brands you may or may not have heard of before.

I wish when I had first decided to make the switch from fast fashion to thoughtful and responsibly made items there was an easy way to find ethical brands that meet my aesthetic. So I’ve decided to create just that! I really hope these highlights provide you all with new inspiration and resources for ethical fashion.

Barrow: Ethically Made Watches

Today I want to introduce you to Barrow Watches. They make beautiful, classic, and timeless ethically made watches. I’m so excited that they reached out to me because I’ve been looking for a new wrist watch to wear on a daily basis. Especially a responsibly made one.

How They’re Made

Barrow watches are designed and shipped from their studio in Sydney, Australia. The watches themselves are manufactured in Shenzhen, China by a manufacturer who has passed the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA). Which means their workers are paid fairly and work a standard work week.

The straps are then made by strap makers in Hong Kong who create the straps ethically while following strict ethical employment and sustainability standards. You can read more about their design process here.

Ways to Wear

The watches come in a few different strap options. I chose the navy strap as well as the gold metal strap. Although any of the colors would match well with anything. I also really like that the watch has a large face. I’ve always been a fan of slightly bigger watches.

I paired my watch here with a simple vintage top and jeans. Since it’s such a versatile watch you can really wear it with anything, during any season, and on any day. A lot of people just use their phones to tell time but I actually find wearing a watch a lot easier. Especially at work. I’d much prefer glancing at my wrist for the time then having to find my phone.

As for the watch itself, it’s not heavy or bulky at all. I barely notice it on my wrist. I’m so happy and impressed with this product I hope you check out their ethically made watches!

You can shop their watches here.

Outfit Details

Blouse (vintage) | Everlane Cheeky Jeans | Brown Loafers (similar) | Navy Barrow Watch

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