Fall 10×10 Challenge Wrap Up

Fall 10×10 Challenge Wrap Up

What I Wore & Thoughts from the Challenge

Ten days, ten items, and ten outfits are officially complete. The fall 10×10 challenge is over and I’m happy to say I completed all ten days! For those unfamiliar, the 10×10 challenge runs every season where the goal is to wear only ten items you already own over the course of ten days.

My goal to take away from this challenge was a sense of contentment with the clothes I currently own. By limiting yourself to such a small portion of your wardrobe, it certainly makes you miss the clothes in your closet you don’t appreciate as much as you could.

Now that the challenge has ended, I’m sharing all ten outfits I wore as well as takeaways and thoughts overall from participating in the 10×10 challenge.

My 10 Items

For a quick overview of the 10×10 challenge you can read more about it here. To recap before diving into what I wore, these are the ten items that I chose to wear over the previous ten days:

  • Cream Sweater
  • Plaid Button Down
  • Black Turtleneck
  • White Button Down
  • Denim Dress
  • Everlane Navy Wide Leg Pants
  • Everlane Green Straight Leg Pants
  • J.Crew High Waisted Jeans
  • Red Loafers
  • Black Day Glove Flat

 What I Wore

The most fun thing to see during this challenge, ten unique outfits styled from ten items! 

I tried my best to plan ahead and not repeat anything too much in the same week. It made me nervous that it would be pretty obvious at work if I wore the same pants two days in a row. I successfully didn’t repeat much and was pretty happy with how the days played out with different items.

The weather also worked out really well. Some days, such as the day I wore my denim dress and tights, it was pretty cold out and I wish I had worn pants. Other days were on the warm side for my sweaters but nothing was too extreme!

So, here are all the outfits I wore and how I used my items to created ten unique looks.

What I Learned About My Style & Thoughts About the Challenge

I think the most important part of participating in the 10×10 challenge is getting to reflect on your style afterwards regardless of if you participated for fun or with a specific goal in mind. It’s a challenge to try and dress every day with so little. Most of us are used to having many outfit options that we easily tire of the things we own. It’s easy to look to new clothes for greater style satisfaction then what we have now. Participating in this challenge always helps me gain an appreciation for what I have while achieving a fresh outlook on older items.

As far as learnings about my own style, I learned that I like easy, comfortable, yet not too simple. I like tops that can go with any pair of pants and vice versa. I realized that the things I want to buy I already own. And I learned what it is I don’t like about the clothes I want to replace. Seeing the likes and dislikes helps me tailor my wardrobe wish list for the future.

Lastly, I love seeing what other women wear during the challenge. It’s such a great source of simple outfit inspiration. Especially seeing how effortless and easy their outfits are. I find myself overthinking my style a lot. It’s a nice reminder that a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a chunky scarf are sometimes all you need to look chic!

For those of you reading who also participated, I’d love to hear in the comments what you learned and your favorite part of the fall 10×10! 

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