What I Added to My Wardrobe in September + Favorite Outfits I Wore

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Black Turtleneck | Black Cigarette Pants | Brown Loafers (similar)

When I started this blog, I was on a journey to curate my closet thoughtfully, shop slower, and learn more about the ethical fashion space. I started with a summer capsule wardrobe which has evolved into simple outfit ideas and tips for curation. Today I wanted to share a post more focused on slow fashion and talk about my own closet.

Slow Fashion and a Wardrobe Wish List

Towards the beginning of September, I created and shared my fall wardrobe wish list. I think if you’re trying to be more organized in your purchases a wardrobe wish list is a great place to start. Since I created mine over a month ago, today I’m sharing an update on what I’ve bought towards it and what I bought during the month of September in general.

I love seeing what other people add to their closets in a month. I talk a lot about slow fashion and intentional closet curation. Because of that I thought it’d be nice to share with you all what I actually bought in a month, what I think about these things, and if my purchases were planned or not. Plus, a quick breakdown and review of my top three favorite minimal fall outfits from the month of September.

What I Added to My Wardrobe in September

Everlane Straight Leg Pants

On my wish list? Yes.


I’ve been thinking about buying these pants for a few months now. I’ve had the wide leg crop pants since the spring and wear at least one pair every single week to work. I love the wide leg but wanted something more tailored. These straight leg pants were exactly what I wanted when it comes to work pants. Waiting to buy them was such a great decision. Honestly, the hardest part was choosing a color!


Everlane Day Glove Flats

On my wish list? No.


I chose to add these black ballet flats to my wardrobe because there was a gap in my closet for a pair of black flats. Not that they’re a necessity, but I think they’re such a wardrobe staple and versatile piece to own. They really go with everything and are a great everyday shoe. I wear them at least once a week.

I didn’t include this exact pair of flats on my fall wardrobe wish list. Instead, I had included a pair of brown ballet flats. I’ve had my eyes on the Everlane day glove flats for awhile but didn’t include them on my list. So, this purchase wasn’t as planned as I wanted it to be but I can say they’ve been a worthwhile addition to my closet. 

 My Favorite Outfits from September

Now onto my favorite outfits I wore! These are my top three outfits plus thoughts on how to style these looks again for the cooler weather.

I love monochrome outfits right now. They’re so easy to wear and effortlessly chic. The whole wardrobe color palette planning technique makes monochrome outfits super easy to have in your outfit routine.

I’ll be switching my tops to sweaters matching my pants this fall and winter. I’ll add some ankle boots and a cozy plaid scarf to complete the look.

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I didn’t realize how 50’s I look in this outfit until after the fact. I’ve become a huge fan of cigarette pants lately. I’ll absolutely be wearing all black come cooler weather. I’ll add a thick scarf and a casual wool jacket to wear with this look.

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A white polo and simple denim is always a good go-to. I love this outfit with the added neck tie to make it a little bit more chic. I’ll definitely be wearing this outfit in cooler weather with a sweater, blazer, or wool coat.

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There’s a quick breakdown and wardrobe wish list update. I hope this was helpful to see! I’m pretty proud I only added two things to my closet in the month of September.

So tell me – do you use a wardrobe wish list to curate your closet? What’s on yours for fall? 

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