Fall 2018 10×10 Challenge

Fall 2018 10×10 Challenge

10 Items, 10 Days, 10 Outfits

The fall 2018 10×10 challenge officially starts today! This challenge is officially the second 10×10 challenge I’ve participated in so far. I’m really excited to get started with these ten days and style the ten items I’ve chosen. The community around this challenge is always so energetic and supportive making it such a fun ten days of outfits. If you’re interested in a wardrobe challenge, I highly recommend participating.

What is the 10×10 Challenge?

Before I go over my 10 items, I’ll give a brief explanation of the 10×10 challenge for those of you who are unfamiliar. Started by the fashion website Style Bee, the 10×10 challenge is a wardrobe challenge where you first choose 10 items from your closet. This includes tops, pants, and shoes (think of it like a mini capsule wardrobe). Then for 10 days you only style and wear these 10 items. Pretty simple!

How Do You Participate

Anyone can participate. It’s not limited to just bloggers. If you’re interested in joining, anyone can post their outfits to Instagram and use the #10x10challenge to share your outfits or see what others are wearing as well. I’ll be posting all my outfits everyday on Instagram and here on Exploring Simple. So make sure to check back!


My Fall 10×10 Items

When choosing my items this time, since I work full time, I needed to be able to wear my items to work everyday. The most difficult part was finding things I know will go together and are casual but are also work appropriate. I also want to make sure I’m not repeating any outfits during the work week or wearing the same thing two days in a row. I think the biggest benefit though for doing this challenge with a work wardrobe is that it takes a lot of time out of getting dressed in the morning.

Another challenge is the weather. It’s been pretty cold lately so I stuck to items that can be layered with jackets but also not too warm just yet. Overall, I’m happy with the items I chose!





10×10 Challenge: Outfit Day 1

Today I decided to start with the navy wide leg crop pants and plaid button down. This is already one of my favorite work outfits this fall. It’s casual but still professional. The navy pants pair really well with the colors of the plaid and the burgundy loafers match nicely as well.

Most of my outfits and items from this fall 2018 10×10 challenge are all focused on being classically stylish yet comfortable and simple.

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