Fall 10×10 Challenge: Day 8

Outfit Details

Denim Dress | Black Opaque Tights | Sam Edelman Loafers | Shell Earrings

The 10×10 challenge is almost complete! It only goes through this Wednesday (Halloween!). This weekend was a little difficult to stay strictly to my ten items. I went for a short hike Sunday afternoon so ended up switching to athletic clothes and stayed in those the rest of the day. Also, on Saturday, I wore my ten items for errands during the day but then switched into more comfortable clothing later to relax. Other than that, work days are super easy since the clothes I chose are items I wear to work.

Fall 10×10 Challenge Outfit 8

Today I decided to wear my denim dress again with tights and my loafers instead of flats. I haven’t worn the loafers as much during this challenge as I thought I would. Also, It’s a little bit warmer today so this outfit is working out really well. I added a jacket and light scarf for my morning commute to stay warm. I’ll most likely stick to pants for the remainder of this challenge, but I’m really happy I picked this dress to wear. With this challenge, I’ve gotten more wear out of this dress than I usually do!

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