3 Ways to Wear High Top Converse: Part 3

Outfit Details:

Denim Top | Everlane Straight Leg Pants | Converse White High Tops

Do you ever buy something you really like and have been wanting for awhile, get it home, and then realize you’re actually not quite sure how to style it? This happened to me recently with high top Converse sneakers. So, over the past week I had shared two of three other ways to style high top Converse through my exploration into how to wear them with my wardrobe.

Today, I’m sharing my third favorite way which is more of a how to wear high top Converse to work. I work for a tech company in NYC so my work wardrobe is pretty casual. I try not to wear jeans too often though so I end up wearing a lot of slacks, pants, and oxford shirts. On days I’m feeling more casual, I wear tennis shoes.

How to Wear High Top Converse to Work

So far, I’ve shared two other ways to wear high top converse. One outfit idea with jeans and another outfit idea with wide leg pants. Today’s outfit is more of a combination that could be worn in a casual work environment.

My easiest tip on how to wear high top Converse to work is to pair them with a pair of casual chinos or slacks. The ones I’m wearing here are from Everlane and I wear them every week to work. They’re casual enough that they go with the Converse. Pairing them with a casual or even dressier oxford shirt is an easy way to dress the outfit up. Since a t-shirt or plain shirt would be too casual with the rest of the outfit.

To keep this combination work appropriate, you can also wear a structured sweater in stripes or solids. A silk blouse would also be a nice option to wear as a top.

The key to styling Converse for work is to make sure the entire outfit is not too casual or dressy. Make sure you have one piece of each to keep it somewhere in the middle!


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