3 Ways to Wear a Plaid Blazer: Part 2

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It’s officially that time of year in New York City where it’s safe to say you need to bring a coat when you leave the house. I love this time of year and the jacket I’m most excited about wearing this fall is my plaid blazer.

Las week I shared the first part of this three part series on ways to wear a plaid blazer this fall. I find it fun to share these “Ways to Wear” series and focus on wardrobe basics. Sometimes styling our most simple wardrobe basics can be some of the most difficult items to wear differently. I often find myself wearing my wardrobe basics in the same ways over and over. Usually, I get comfortable with how I style my basics and forget to try new ways.

Previous “Ways to Wear” Posts

Since a plaid blazer is such a nice addition to simple fall outfits (and a great way to add pattern), today is a simple option for what to wear with a plaid blazer.

What to Wear with a Plaid Blazer

Today’s outfit and way to wear a plaid blazer is with a simple sweater and black jeans. I love this combination for work and cool weather days. It’s so classic, effortless, and comfortable. Simply wear your favorite black pants or jeans, a chunky sweater in any solid color, black or brown flats or oxfords, and layer a plaid blazer on top.

Thinking of ways to dress this for cooler temperatures, you could add a chunky scarf in a solid color and a cute black hat.

Other Shoes to Wear with a Plaid Blazer

I think switching up the shoes in this outfit is a very easy way to re-wear it in different combinations. Some other shoes I would wear with this look:

  • Black flats
  • Silver oxfords
  • Brown oxfords
  • Black or brown ankle boots

I shared my first way to wear a plaid blazer which you can read here for more inspiration. I want to hear from you, what’s your favorite way to style a plaid blazer this fall? Do you prefer oversized or fitted?

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