Ways to Wear a White Button Down: Way 1

Outfit Details:

J.Crew Jeans | White Button Down | Metallic Oxford Shoes | Floral Bandana

Now that I’ve started a new job, I’m trying to be more creative in the outfits that I wear everyday to work. During the summer it’s easy to repeat the same shorts and light tops to stay cool and comfortable in the heat. With cool weather almost here though, I have a new wave of creativity. Especially when it comes to clothes I have in my closet that I haven’t been able to wear all summer.

One thing I’m trying to do more of with my clothing is to explore different ways to wear what I already own. And an item I always get a lot of wear out of is a white button down shirt. Especially for the office. I usually wear it at least once a week and always try to style it differently than I did the last. So, I decided to share with you all a three part post series showing three different ways to wear a white button down.

Ways to Wear a White Button Down

Wear a White Button Down With a Pair of Jeans & Silk Scarf

A white button down is the perfect shirt for fall and winter. It’s a classic wardrobe staple that pairs so easily with other items. With a white button down you can easily dress it down to create a minimal outfit or up for a more classic look.

The first way to wear a white button down is with a simple pair of jeans and a silk scarf. You could probably wear a version of this outfit every week to work and be able to mix it up enough that it doesn’t feel repetitive. The style of jeans can be mixed up every time as well. Add a bandana or even a plaid scarf for cooler weather.

My silver oxford shoes add a chic but classic touch to the simplicity of this outfit. I love having these shoes in my wardrobe to add something extra to my usually simple clothing. The metallic shoes I linked above are similar and a newer version from Madewell. A pair of oxfords always look great with a white button down shirt for fall.


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