My Fall 2018 Wardrobe Wish List (+ Free Worksheet!)

Create a Curated Closet

I’ve been thinking of ways to better organize how I shop and create a curated closet. I went on a shopping break this summer and I’m proud to say I only bought four items. Two of which were for a wedding and the other two were shoes. Now I’m ready to start shopping again and have been thinking of the best way to do so.

One of the ways that caught my eye is the idea of a wardrobe wish list. The idea is pretty straight forward. Write down a list of the things you want to buy then, save up for those items only.

The wardrobe wish list seems like a great way to better create a curated closet. When I usually wouldn’t write down all of things that caught my eye I would end up feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. Which would then lead to impulse purchases such as seeing a shirt and buying it on the spot. This would leave me with items I felt “meh” about and money wasted.

Tips Before You Start

You know when you find a brand and you love everything on their website? It can be overwhelming. This is a great way to combat that and stay focused. Write down all the things from that website. Even if it adds up to a lot of money. Do not be picky your first round.

I  made a long list and I continued to narrow and narrow until the list felt attainable. It’s funny how once you look at all the clothing in one place how little you actually want.

I then created a fall budget. Once you list everything out with cost, it helps narrow your list down even further. Make a back up list if you need to.

I would also like to point out that I do not plan to buy everything on this list in the next three months. It’s more a guideline for when I do save money aside to shop, I’ll visit this list. So if your list is over your budget, that’s fine too. It gives you a good picture of what you do want and how much that will cost you. This will help you feel organized with a purchase plan.

AND to help you all create a curated closet and wardrobe wish list, I’m including a free downloadable wardrobe wish list template to use!

Now onto my choices!

My Fall 2018 Wardrobe Wish List

(Note: my focus when creating this wish list was on ethical brands, quality made, and functionality with what I already own.)

Season: Fall

Time Frame: September 1st – November 31st

Colors: White, Blue, Grey, Mustard, Red


Everlane Collarless Popover Shirt || $55

L.L. Bean Sweater || $99

White T-Shirt || $16

Elizabeth Suzann Georgia Tee Navy || $145

Total Cost: $315


Madewell Overalls Eco Edition || $130

Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pants in Ochre|| $68

Everlane Straight Leg Crop in Golden Brown || $68

Total Cost: $266


Bryr Closed Toe Clogs in Sienna || $268

Nisolo Oxford in Brandy || $168

Margaux NY Flats in Brown || $145

Total Cost: $581


Artisan and Fox Circulo Bag || $85

Total Cost: $85


Total Cost of Items: $1,247

Budget: $500

Budget per Month (3 month period): $166

My wish list is pretty high over budget and that’s totally fine. Like I said, I don’t plan on buying everything on this list. Plus, the shoes I chose are fairly pricey. I’m hoping I can thrift a lot of the items on this list as well. And the list will carry over through winter and spring. I’ll probably choose one thing to buy a month and be perfectly content.

I hope this helps you all with your wardrobe planning! It can seem like a lot when you’re finding things online you really like. Then, the price tags really add up and you’re left feeling overwhelmed and maybe even quit trying to create a curated closet.

Just remember: it’s a process with no time limit attached! It can take as long as you need it to.

Free Wardrobe Wish List Worksheet

Free wardrobe wish list download. Create a curated closet wish list and budget.

Download here: Wardrobe Wish List

What is on your fall wardrobe wish list? Would love to hear!

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