My 2018 Fall Wardrobe Color Palette (+ Tips for Choosing Your Own)

Outfit Details:

Navy Sweater (similar & ethical) | White Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pant | Loafers (similar ethical pair) | Neck Scarf

It’s finally that time of year where my fall wardrobe color palette has been chosen and is ready to wear. This is only the second time I’ve created a wardrobe color palette and it absolutely makes a difference in my daily outfits.

My summer wardrobe color palette consisted of pastels and light colors. Pretty much what I always wear. However, this transition from summer to fall, I find myself being drawn to deeper and richer hues. I’m feeling a sense of sophistication but also playfulness with color that I usually don’t have. Does this ever happen to you?

With that said I’m very excited to have a fall wardrobe color palette chosen and ready to wear. As well as share it with you.

Why a Wardrobe Color Palette?

So you might be wondering “why are you creating a fall wardrobe color palette? Why does that even matter?”. The direct answer is that it helps for shopping and organization.


Do you ever go into your favorite store when they release their new  season of clothing? This just happened to me last weekend while visiting the Everlane store in Soho and I loved everything. I grabbed almost every item I laid my eyes on. After narrowing down to the things on my wish list, I then couldn’t decide on a color.

Well, here’s where your color palette comes in! A color palette keeps you focused from making those easy seasonal impulse buys. It doesn’t mean you can’t buy that color at all, but it helps you be mindful and intentional so you can see later on how that item may fit with your current wardrobe.


There’s nothing worse than finding something you love and not knowing if you should get it because you’re not sure if it will go with anything you already own. If you stick to some sort of color palette, almost all your basics can be worn together.

Your seasonal wardrobe will feel clean, minimal, and organized with a  specific set of chosen hues. Now you can wear those favorite pants with almost every top and vice versa.

Tips For Choosing a Fall Wardrobe Color Palette

Never created one before? These steps are how I landed on mine:

Go through your current wardrobe and isolate the colors you have.

What are the most frequently seen colors in your wardrobe? What are your most worn? Start with these 4 or 5.

Have a color you’re really wanting to add? Assess what you need and if it’s available in that color.

Create a wardrobe wish list for the season in your chosen colors.

My 2018 Fall Wardrobe Color Palette

Main Colors

fall wardrobe color palette




Secondary Color




As I mentioned earlier in this post, I’m noticing a shift in colors I like to wear. When choosing my colors, I opted for four major and one minor The major colors are colors are colors I want my most worn basics to be majority in. My minor color of brown is a color I hope to have a few pieces in that color here and there.

Well there it is! My fall wardrobe color palette is chosen and ready to wear. I’d love to hear from you. What colors you’re wearing this fall?

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