An All Black Casual Outfit for Fall

Outfit Details:

Black Turtleneck | Black Pants| Brown Loafers (ethical version) | Earrings

Before moving to New York City, I very rarely wore all black. As summer turns into fall, I find myself being drawn to a whole new color palette of darker color and deeper hues. I want to wear more clothes in warm colors and less pastels. I’m not really sure why the change but there’s something about this time of year that is influencing the colors in my wardrobe.

A combination I used to rarely wear and am now thinking of all the ways I can wear, is an all black casual outfit. Its minimal, easy, and always looks chic. I’m glad that my style is starting to embrace this sleek combo into my wardrobe. I’ve always had the clothing to create an all black casual outfit, I just never had.

All black casual outfit for fall

A Black Turtleneck for an All Black Casual Outfit

In this all black casual outfit I went with my favorite black work pants and a simple black turtleneck. I wear this black turtleneck so much in the fall in winter. It’s extremely versatile and comfortable. Instead of doing black shoes as well, I went with my favorite brown leather loafers. I wasn’t in the mood to make this look 100% all black. But, I recently and finally invested in a pair of black flats that would look cute styled with this outfit.

I’m curious to hear, how do you all like to style all black?

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