3 Ways to Wear High Top Converse: Part 1

Outfit Details:

Navy Sweater | High Waist Jeans | High Top Converse

A pair of shoes I keep seeing pop up all over Instagram, Pinterest, and New York City are high top Converse sneakers. When they first started showing up in outfits, I knew I liked them but didn’t think I could pull them off. I couldn’t think of any ways to wear high top Converse.

After thinking about these shoes a lot, I finally thought why can’t I pull them off? If you like them, wear them right? So, I went ahead and got them. Maybe you’re having the same debate about liking these shoes but not quite sure if you can wear them. Or, if you did wear them, how would you even style them?

Once I bought these sneakers, I did a lot of visual research on ways other people style them. I then I tried them on with a good amount and different combinations of my own clothes. So, to help aid with high top Converse outfit ideas and inspiration, I’m sharing the three ways to wear high top Converse that I liked most from my wardrobe.

Way #1: With Simple Denim and a Sweater

The easiest way for me to style these is with simple high waisted denim and a pullover sweater. I didn’t want anything too feminine or classic since the shoes are pretty casual already. They’re also so white since I haven’t worn them in all the way yet. So, they definitely stand out, but in a good way! With this look, you could really wear any simple sweater and simple jeans. That’s what I love about this way to wear high top Converse. It’s extremely versatile and replicate-able.

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