2 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket

Outfit Details:

Gap Denim Jacket | J.Crew High Waist Jeans | Nisolo Loafers (similar & ethical)

Happy Friday! I’m so happy the weather here will hopefully be out of the 90’s for good after today. I’ll be spending the weekend in New York City and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been gone almost every weekend this summer and this month is the first I’ll be in the city the whole time. I’m also starting a new job on Monday! I’m extremely excited and so ready to get started.

Before the weekend starts, I’m talking about my favorite cool weather accessory: the denim jacket. Versatile, classic, and functional, it’s a closet staple for me.

I’m ready to start styling cool weather outfits and a denim jacket is usually part of them. I know for me when I first bought one, I wouldn’t dare wear it with jeans. If my outfit included jeans, I would not style a denim jacket with them. Finally, I threw it on one day with my favorite jeans and ended up loving the look.

I don’t know why it is that some clothing makes us feel so out of our comfort zones. I think the best way to combat it is to wear it anyways and assess your thoughts on the look at the end of the day. If you love it great, if not then at least you tried!

When I visited San Francisco recently, I wore denim on denim practically the whole time. It’s now become an effortless look I love wearing.

2 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket

Style 1: Wear Denim on Denim

Outfit Details:

Gap Denim Jacket | J.Crew High Waist Jeans | Loafers (similar & ethical)

Style Note: The denim of the jacket and pants don’t need to match. I do love when they do but it’s not necessary. The ones here were actually unplanned and from two different stores. You can mix it up with any denim combination you want.

Style 2: With a Black Dress

Outfit Details:

Everlane Dress | Gap Denim Jacket | Soludos Shoes

Style Note: Pairing a denim jacket with a black dress is a great in between look. You can dress down a fancier black dress to make it more appropriate for casual events. Which, is the perfect outfit for a casual night out or simple dinner.

What are your favorite ways to style a denim jacket? Let me know if the comments below! I’m always looking to expand my denim jacket style.

Outfit Details

Outfit 1

Jacket || Note: I love this jacket. It’s also pretty affordable. The material is thick but not too thick. It’s also loose fitting so a sweater fits well underneath.

Jeans || Note: A stretchy fit, slightly loose, and high waisted. These are my go-to jeans at the moment.

Top (similar & ethical version) || Note: The top I linked is from Reformation. A dainty, lacy white top is a great wardrobe basic.

Loafers (similar & ethical version) || Note: The ones I’m wearing here are old but I have my eyes on these Nisolo loafers.

Earrings || Note: The perfect seashell earring. I had to purchase these for the wedding I was in so made sure to pick out something eclectic and pretty I knew I would wear again.

Outfit 2

Dress (similar & ethical version) || Note: The one I’m wearing is old so I linked an Everlane one that is very similar and responsibly made.




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