Packing List: San Francisco

San Francisco Packing List

Recently, I took a trip to San Francisco for the first time. I had an amazing time with friends and family exploring all that San Francisco has to offer. One thing I was very unaware of before visiting was the weather. I wasn’t sure what exactly to include in my San Francisco packing list during the month of July.

What I found is that the weather in San Francisco is amazing and much cooler than the weather here in New York City. Similar to what I found when visiting Cape Cod at the beginning of the summer. Everyday averaged about 70 degrees during the day and dipped into the 60’s at night.

For daytime, bring a comfortable pair of shoes for walking around and going up all the hills. I wore Birkenstocks the entire time and didn’t have any problems. For days I didn’t feel like wearing sandals, I wore my Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Make sure to pack a pair of Jeans which are perfect for cooler days and to wear at night. You can bring shorts but also pack a sweater or jean jacket to wear with them. On foggier days, I found myself wearing both jeans and a jacket.

My number one tip for a San Francisco packing list: bring lots of layers!

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