Huarache Sandals

Outfit Details: Shirt | Skirt (similar + ethical version!) | Huarache Sandals

I can’t believe next Saturday is already September. I’m already getting excited and thinking ahead for the fall season. However, even though I’m excited for fall to start I know it’s going to remain warm in New York City for another full month and a half (if not longer). It’s that time of year where it’s cold in the mornings and hot by afternoon.

Figuring out what to wear this time of year is always tricky. I use most of my summer clothes but also want to incorporate fall trends. A pair of shoes in my closet that I use during this transition time are my huarache sandals. Perfect for warm weather but the warm brown tone feels ready for fall.

They’re also not completely sandal so you can wear them in the mornings and also when it’s warm. They’re also just such a cool style that they look good with any outfit.

What I like most though is that they’re functional for multiple seasons. So, I’ll be wearing these most of next year as well.

What’s your favorite transitional shoe?

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