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It’s almost that time of year where we switch from shorts to long pants. If you’re like me, then jeans are your best friend in the fall. There’s nothing easier or more comfortable than a well fitted pair of jeans.

The downside of being someone who loves wearing jeans everyday is the inevitable tiredness of wearing something similar day by day. It can be a challenge to keep my outfits interesting and myself from feeling frustrated in the repetitiveness. A way to fix this is by wearing different styles of denim.

A style that I’ve grown to love is the boyfriend jean. If you’re wanting to take a break from the skinny jean, or bootcut, try this more comfortable and relaxed fitting denim this fall.

The nice thing about boyfriend jeans for fall is that it does come in many shapes and sizes. The style, I’d say, is defined by a more relaxed fit and feel than your normal jean. So, it’s up to you how relaxed you want to go with your boyfriend jeans for fall. You don’t need to get a pair that are too loose. They do come in more fitted styles as well.

If you’re feeling hesitant to this trend, my biggest tip is to go to few different stores and try some on. The pair I’m wearing are Levi’s and the first pair I found that I like were from Ann Taylor. Different retailers take pretty different approaches to this style.

I also linked below a few different styles of boyfriends jeans for fall to check out that I really like.

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My Favorite Boyfriend Jeans

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