Summer 2018 10×10 Challenge

10 items, 10 outfits, 10 days

The summer 10×10 challenge has officially started today. Not familiar with the 10×10 challenge? Created by Lee from Style Bee, it’s a closet challenge where you choose 10 items from your closet that you wear for the next 10 days.

Why the 10×10 Challenge

So why would someone participate in this challenge? The10x10 challenge is pretty much a mini version of the capsule wardrobe just with less of a time commitment. It’s the challenge of wearing a small amount of clothing for a really short amount of time. It’s great for anyone looking for an opportunity to get creative with the clothes in their closet. I like seeing how many outfits I can create with just a few items.

It’s also fun to try and add life back into your clothes. Have a shirt you think you only kind of like? Try and wear it as part of the 10×10 challenge and see if you feel the same way when the challenge is over. That way you know if it’s time to get rid of it or not.

Who Can Participate

Anyone can! It’s not a challenge just for bloggers. You don’t even need to post photos of your outfits. Give it a try and see if you can wear the same 10 items for 10 days.

My 10 Items

Summer 2018 10x10 Challenge (Exploring Simple)

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Follow Along

I’ll be posting my daily outfits to my Instagram account (@exploring_simple). At the end of the 10 days, I’ll post a 10×10 challenge recap with daily outfits, thoughts, failures, etc.

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