3 Ways to Style Overalls

The overalls trend has been slowly becoming more and more popular this year. The look is simple and classic in denim paired with easy summer tops. At first I was weary of the trend and really unsure if I could pull off the look. Until recently, I took the plunge and got a pair of pastel colored overalls for the summer. I even ended up including them in my summer capsule wardrobe.

I’m glad I did because they are so comfortable and easy to wear. Especially this summer in the hot weather. It’s really so easy to throw them on with a simple white tank. They’re so effortlessly stylish even with the simplest of tops worn with them. So, for those of you that love an easy and effortless summer look, I highly recommend trying on a pair of overalls.

New to the trend or looking for some fresh ideas to style overalls, here are three simple ways to style them this summer.

3 Ways to Style Overalls

With Detailed Sleeves

Overalls are pretty simple already. I love adding this lace sleeve top with the tie straps to add some more detail to the outfit.

Add a Bright Color

My go-to is usually a white top with these but never underestimate the power of a pretty color with a simple piece. I’d definitely wear this top with a pair of denim overalls as well.

Go Simple in a Tank

This is my favorite and easy way to style these overalls. Mostly because this top is light and comfortable. Plus, it always looks and feels good with the tie straps of these overalls. Because it’s so simple, it makes it easy to add other accessories as well to mix up the outfit.

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What is your favorite way to wear overalls? Leave them in the comments below!


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