3 Casual Summer Work Outfit Ideas

Summer is the hardest season to think of casual summer work outfit ideas. Not only is it extremely hot outside, but it’s usually freezing inside too. Plus, your outfit needs to be work appropriate. So, how do you dress well for work without being miserable inside and outside?

Having worked in mostly casual work environments, I’ve tried so many different summer work outfit combinations each summer. I’ve found the key to being comfortable are layers and wearing opposite length items. What do I mean by this? For example, if you wear a pair of pants, wear a short sleeve top and bring a sweater. Or, if you wear a skirt, wear a long sleeve oxford where the sleeves can be rolled up. Or, with a skirt, you could wear shorts sleeves but bring a blazer since the material is thicker. Basically, if you wear one skin bearing item compliment it with something that covers.

Below are three simple work wardrobe tricks I’ve learned for you to copy and be comfortable at any point in the day.

3 Casual Summer Work Outfit Ideas

Casual Pants

Casual Summer Work Outfit - Exploring Simple

Top | Pants | Shoes (similar)

Style Tip: Wear a sleeveless blouse with non-denim pants for an easy, warm weather outfit. Add a blazer or sweater for cooler temperatures.

Skirt and Long Sleeve Blouse

Casual Summer Work Outfit - Exploring Simple

Top | Skirt | Shoes (similar)

Style Tip: Blouses with long sleeves make it easy to roll them up in the summer. This is also a versatile look with a sweater.

Casual Summer Dress

Casual Summer Work Outfit - Exploring Simple

Dress (similar) | Shoes

Style Tip: A simple work appropriate dress makes getting ready in the morning quick and effortless. The longer cut with a short sleeve make it a nice in-between for hot weather or being in the office. Extra layers optional.

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